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New Year New Me or Nah?


So on this week's episode of my podcast, Beneath the Beat, we'll discuss some of the ins and outs of starting fresh, talk about what’s necessary in order to start over

Society has us accustomed to starting over at the beginning of each year. Regardless of what happened the previous year, it’s as if it never happened. But how realistic is that ?

Women have always tried to be conformed to who people remember them as. We typically aren’t allowed to evolve by most parties. And if we are honest, I think we can be our worst enemies. A new year can mean a fresh start for you but I truly believe there are three steps that has to be checked off before you can truly say those words and mean it.

First things first, you've gotta be realistic these goals boo!! You can’t start fresh if you don’t move with intention and are realistic with your goals. You've gotta make sure that you're setting these goals for you and you alone.

Self inflection is key and is a nonnegotiable... Check out the questions at the end of the post

Stop playing the blame game because if you don’t, you’ll never be able to see why things, experiences or opportunities didn’t work out for you. But when you own your own ish. You can then hold yourself accountable. And when you get to that point .. you really don’t have to be loud with doing what’s best for you. But while you’re doing what’s best for you, make sure you’re tying up loose ends before you move on to your next season. I truly believe that how you leave one season will play a huge role in how you’ll be enter the next.

Last but not least Give yourself grace. It's definitely ok to analyze where things may have gone left, but SIS !! Don't beat yourself up. Mmkay!? Embracing self-criticism can only be positive in healthy doses, and if it’s used for the sake of self-development, not self-degradation. This aint that. Never tear yourself down just because you didn't reach the goals in the timing that you set. Mindset is key in achieving your goals but it shouldn’t be at the expense of tearing yourself down

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Reflection Questions (Drop your thoughts in the comments below):

1. Do you believe that you are ready for the new year?

2. What tools and systems do you have in place to guard your heart and mind when you aren't always feeling your best?

3. What are you most excited about this upcoming year?


I hope this episode really reminded you that you don't have to be influenced to do a thing. I pray we all have an amazing 2021 because we deserve it, but let's do it right. Don't forget to answer the questions in the comment section below. Until next time...


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