About Us

 You're probably wondering... who is this chick.. what is the company about and what makes AGAPExoxo different than any other skincare and lifestyle brand you've ever encountered. So, I'll take it from the top. Hi! I I’m Imah B- owner and creative behind the bomb products. I'm a serial entrepreneur, but AGAPExoxo is super special to me.

I’ve waited all of my life to pursue a career in the beauty and self care industry and I’m so excited to finally be doing what I love! I'm an AVEDA graduate and I LOVE the skin and all things beauty. All of the products we have are made with you in mind, and quality and effectiveness are our top priorities. We have skincare products, bath and body products that are top tier quality and get you the results that you are looking for.

What Does AGAPE Mean? 

Why AGAPE? Agape is the highest form of love. It’s selfless, unconditional and serves regardless of the circumstances. But often times, we give so much love to everything and everyone else but OURSELVES.


Our Mission and Goals


Our mission is to bring everything back to self and make self care everyday a reality. My goal is to not just help people look good on the outside, I care about how they feel on the inside. So many people mask their pain with external things that don’t even matter. Self care as become a thing that we claim to do but we honestly aren't. So I’m determined to change the narrative through sisterhood and community. I ultimately want to provide a safe space for women to discuss issues that we have silently been struggling with for ages.

I do this because I went through a long journey of putting everyone else first… learned a lot of hard lessons. So I'm here to inspire motivate and remind women that self care isn’t a luxury . It's a necessity! It just looks different for each woman


Who is AGAPExoxo for ?


AGAPExoxo is for the woman that's juggling all the hats that she's wearing.  She's someone that just isn’t up for losing herself in spite of what the world requires of her. She gets excited when she thinks about growth the she's experiencing in her life! She values authenticity at every level so she enjoys honest debates or conversations about meaningful topics- no fluff ..straight to the point but said with love.


What Makes AGAPExoxo Different?

What makes my brand unique is that not only do we focus on helping women physically feel and look their best with our amazing organic products, but we also help them refocus on what's soul deep and pay more attention to how they are feeling on the inside. I want you to always remember that taking care of yourself isn't always a selfish act. Everyone deserves balance and peace of mind.

I pray that you find that you've met your tribe, and begin your beautiful self care journey feeling very supported.
Imah B.
If you have any questions, please feel free to use the chat OR shoot me an email at info@agapexoxo.com